Enterprise social media is emerging as a new frontier for CIO influence, with a shift towards digital engagement and communication tools. These tools, such as Yammer and Chatter, are being used to foster collaboration and improve productivity, but are also causing a power shift in the IT department. CIOs are increasingly finding themselves in a position of influence, as they are often the ones who decide which tools to adopt.

This shift is leading to a change in the traditional role of the CIO, with a greater focus on strategic decision-making and less on operational issues. CIOs are now expected to be proactive in identifying and implementing new technologies that can benefit the business. This requires a deep understanding of the business and its needs, as well as the ability to communicate effectively with other departments.

However, this increased influence also comes with challenges. CIOs need to balance the needs of the business with the risks associated with new technologies. They also need to manage the expectations of other departments, who may see the CIO as a gatekeeper rather than a facilitator. Despite these challenges, the rise of enterprise social media presents a unique opportunity for CIOs to shape the future of their organisations.

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