Software is revolutionising the traditional organisational chart, making it far more dynamic and reflective of how companies truly function. The conventional hierarchical structure is being replaced by a more fluid, adaptable model that better represents the complexity of modern organisations. This is facilitated by software such as TheOrg, which allows for real-time updates and visual representations of the company’s structure.

TheOrg, a start-up, has recently raised $20 million in a Series B funding round led by Tiger Global. The company has managed to attract 30,000 monthly active users since its launch in 2019, with a client base that includes companies like Postmates and Airbnb. The software aims to provide transparency within organisations, allowing employees to understand how decisions are made and who is responsible for what.

The software’s real-time updates reflect changes in roles, responsibilities, and relationships within the organisation. It also allows for the addition of personal profiles, which can include skills, interests, and backgrounds, thereby fostering a more holistic understanding of colleagues and their roles.

TheOrg’s success indicates a shift in how companies view their organisational structure. Rather than a static chart, companies are moving towards a more dynamic model that accurately reflects their inner workings, enabled by software that provides transparency and fosters understanding amongst employees.

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