FICO, a leading analytics software company, has successfully implemented a collaboration platform to enhance its business operations. The platform, called Jive, has revolutionised communication and collaboration among the company’s 3,000 employees, spread across 25 countries. The platform’s integration has resulted in a 400% increase in collaboration and a 200% surge in overall communication.

Jive offers a centralised location for employees to communicate, collaborate on projects, and share knowledge. This has led to a significant reduction in email usage and has improved the speed and efficiency of decision-making processes. The platform’s ability to provide a single, unified view of all projects and communications has been particularly beneficial for FICO’s globally distributed teams.

FICO has also used Jive to create a customer community, enabling direct communication between the company and its customers. This has fostered a more customer-centric approach, allowing FICO to better understand customer needs and provide more personalised service.

The success of Jive at FICO underscores the potential of collaboration platforms to transform business operations, improve productivity, and enhance customer relationships.

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