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FinTech Fitness Program

Getting your firm ready to compete in the FinTech race

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Digital Culture Reboot

How can digital behaviours and new ways of working help reduce risk?


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Digital Leadership Enablement

How leaders can cross the digital divide to drive
Digital Transformation within their companies

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The financial and banking industry’s boundaries are being redrawn daily by new technologies, raised expectations from digitally-savvy customers and increased competition from new entrants ranging from startups to retailers, and even professional services firms.

Fundamental as these changes are, they are just the beginning. When regulations like PSD2 and GDPR start to bite, or the big tech players jump in to take a slice of the market, how will your business respond?

It is not enough to roll out a new customer-facing app or buy some startup and hope for the best. Digital transformation is a truly strategic issue, requiring incumbents to rethink their internal structure, business practice, cultural make-up and leadership models to win long-term. But how? 

See below for some starting points to help you adapt and succeed in the new normal – but if your needs are different, please get in touch to discuss. 



  • Disconnected customer touchpoints
  • Competition from new digital players 
  • Finding new digital revenue streams
  • Limited internal tech capacity & skills
  • No integrated digital transformation strategy
  • Risk management culture, trust & ethics
  • Engaging & educating senior leaders
  • Aligning people behind change efforts
  • Uncertain regulatory constraints & risk


We help you plan, manage and deliver strategic programs that address the internal capacity, staff learning, agile team development, organisational design and tech service integration capabilities required to survive and thrive in an era of constant tech-driven change.

Our Digital Fitness service:

  • Digital infrastructure review
  • Digital transformation support
  • Business model innovation
  • Digital leadership development


From addressing the risks related to organisational culture to a hands-on focus on digital behaviours, cyberculture and new ways of working, a Digital Culture Reboot is a highly specialised addition (or alternative) to traditional “culture & behaviours” programs.

Our Digital Culture Reboot service:

  • Target online behaviours
  • Design measurement model
  • Visual transformation mapping
  • Culture change tracking


Connected financial services firms need connected leaders who can thrive in a networked world, and better digital leaders to emerge from the organisation. Cultivating leadership behaviours at all levels helps create a culture of action and accountability.

Our Digital Leadership Enablement service:

  • Executive team briefings & guidance
  • Inspiring future of leadership workshops
  • Diagnostics on leadership health metrics
  • Digital function design & development


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