O’Reilly Media offers Learning Paths, a new product that provides comprehensive, curated instruction on a range of technology and business topics. Learning Paths are designed to help users gain mastery in a specific area, with each path containing a series of videos and books carefully selected by O’Reilly’s editors. The content is delivered through a user-friendly interface, allowing users to learn at their own pace and track their progress.

Topics covered by Learning Paths include Data Science, Web Development, Software Architecture, and Design. Each path is tailored to a specific skill level, from beginner to advanced, ensuring a suitable learning experience for all.

Learning Paths are available for purchase on O’Reilly’s online store. They are priced according to the amount of content provided, with costs ranging from £69 to £199. The purchase grants lifetime access to the Learning Path, enabling users to revisit the material anytime.

O’Reilly Media, a renowned provider of technology and business training materials, aims to make the learning process more efficient and targeted with the introduction of Learning Paths.

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