Mobile internet is no longer a novelty; it’s the status quo. The shift from desktop to mobile has been so profound that it’s now more accurate to say we’re in a post-mobile era. The ubiquity of smartphones, with over 2.5 billion in use, has changed the way we interact with technology. Mobile is now the default, and everything else is becoming peripheral.

This shift has implications for businesses. The mobile boom has created new giants like Facebook and Uber, while challenging established players. Companies need to adapt or risk becoming irrelevant in a world where customers expect services to be available on their smartphones.

Yet, there’s a danger in focusing too much on mobile. The next shift could be just around the corner, with technologies like machine learning and virtual reality poised to redefine the digital landscape. It’s not enough to simply ‘go mobile’; businesses must be ready to embrace whatever comes next.

In the post-mobile era, the challenge is not about being on mobile, but about understanding how the fundamental nature of interaction with technology is changing. It’s about seeing the bigger picture and being prepared for the future.

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