Former Google employees have launched ThoughtSpot, a start-up aiming to revolutionise enterprise search. ThoughtSpot’s software offers a Google-like search experience for corporate data, enabling employees to access information quickly and efficiently. The company has recently secured $10.7m in Series A funding, led by Lightspeed Venture Partners.

ThoughtSpot’s founders, Ajeet Singh and Amit Prakash, have extensive experience in the tech industry. Singh co-founded Nutanix, a cloud computing software company, while Prakash served as a founding engineer at Microsoft’s Bing. The duo believes that their product will transform the way businesses access and utilise data.

The software uses a relational search engine, which allows users to search data in a conversational manner. It also includes a data analytics platform, enabling businesses to analyse their data in real time. ThoughtSpot’s system can be integrated with any data source, including Excel spreadsheets and Salesforce reports.

Despite the growth of data-driven decision making, many businesses still struggle to access and analyse their data. ThoughtSpot aims to solve this issue, providing a user-friendly interface that simplifies the data search process. It’s a solution that could revolutionise the way companies handle their data, making it easier for employees to make informed decisions.

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