Pedram Keyani emphasises the importance of company culture, stating it is often underestimated in its ability to drive a business forward. He offers a unique perspective on the concept of ‘hacking’ company culture. Keyani suggests that culture is not something that can be imposed from the top down, but rather, it is something that grows organically from the bottom up, shaped by the employees themselves.

He shares his experience at Facebook, where the culture was defined by a set of core values including ‘move fast’, ‘be bold’, and ‘focus on impact’. These values were not just words on a wall, but were lived and breathed by the employees every day.

Keyani also highlights the importance of rituals and traditions in shaping company culture. At Facebook, these included weekly Q&A sessions with the CEO, hackathons, and annual traditions like the ‘Campus Crawl’.

However, Keyani warns that culture is not static, it evolves as the company grows and changes. He encourages businesses to regularly reassess their culture, to ensure it aligns with their current goals and values. He concludes by stating that a strong, positive culture is the key to a successful company.

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