Facebook’s dominance over Twitter can be attributed to its superior business model and strategic decisions. Facebook’s business model, built on a network of real identities and relationships, has allowed it to harness the power of network effects, a phenomenon where a product or service gains additional value as more people use it. This has resulted in a broad and diverse user base, which has made Facebook’s advertising platform more attractive to marketers.

Twitter, on the other hand, has struggled to grow its user base and monetise its platform effectively. It has been hampered by a focus on broadcasting rather than building personal connections, leading to a lack of network effects and a limited appeal to advertisers.

Facebook’s strategic decision to focus on mobile has also given it an edge. It has successfully adapted to the shift towards mobile usage, while Twitter has been slow to do so.

Finally, Facebook’s aggressive approach to competition, including copying successful features from rivals, has helped it to stay ahead. Twitter’s reluctance to make significant changes to its product has held it back.

In summary, Facebook’s superior business model, strategic decisions and aggressive approach to competition have allowed it to dominate Twitter.

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