Stuart Hall experienced a dramatic increase in app downloads without spending anything on marketing. This was achieved through several key strategies.

Firstly, he developed a simple app, 7 Minute Workout, which was launched with minimal features. This allowed him to get the product to market quickly and start gathering user feedback.

Secondly, Hall capitalised on the power of social media. After a user completed a workout, they were encouraged to share their achievement on Twitter, generating organic advertising.

Thirdly, Hall made use of App Store Optimisation (ASO), ensuring his app was easily discoverable through strategic use of keywords.

Fourthly, Hall updated the app regularly, keeping it fresh and relevant. Each update was accompanied by a request for a review, which boosted the app’s visibility in the App Store.

Finally, Hall made use of the ‘freemium’ model, offering the app for free with the option to purchase additional features. This approach led to a significant increase in revenue, despite only a small percentage of users making a purchase.

Hall’s strategies resulted in over 2.3 million app downloads, demonstrating the potential of strategic, cost-effective marketing.

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