Angela Ahrendts shares her guiding principles for hiring, emphasising the importance of trust, empathy, and intuition. She believes in hiring for trust, not just for skills, and encourages leaders to trust their instincts when it comes to selecting the right candidate. She also stresses the significance of empathy, urging employers to understand the needs, aspirations, and life circumstances of their prospective employees.

Ahrendts underlines the importance of intuition in hiring, advising leaders to trust their gut feeling about a candidate. She also highlights the role of diversity, stating that diverse teams are more innovative and productive.

In addition, she advises hiring people who are better than oneself, arguing that this enhances the overall quality of the team. She also suggests that leaders should hire for the future, seeking candidates who are adaptable and can grow with the company.

Ahrendts also notes that hiring should be a team decision, as this ensures a more balanced perspective. Finally, she emphasises the importance of a positive hiring experience, asserting that every candidate should be treated with respect and dignity.

Overall, Ahrendts’ principles for hiring revolve around trust, empathy, intuition, diversity, and respect for candidates. She encourages leaders to hire for the future, to trust their instincts, and to ensure a positive hiring experience for all candidates.

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