Working Out Loud Circles is a 12-week peer support group programme aimed at changing work habits. It’s built on the concept of ‘working out loud,’ which involves narrating work within a network to produce better results. The programme is designed to help individuals make their work more visible, frame it as a contribution, and develop relationships related to their work.

Working Out Loud Circles is structured around five elements: purposeful discovery, relationships, generosity, visible work, and a growth mindset. The programme encourages participants to set a goal, identify related individuals or groups, and build relationships with them through meaningful contributions.

The programme’s success hinges on the idea that people are more likely to change their habits when they’re part of a group with similar objectives. The group provides a safe environment for individuals to practice new behaviours and receive feedback.

By implementing the Working Out Loud Circles in an organisation, it’s possible to create a more collaborative culture. The programme can also help to reduce the barriers to collaboration and increase the speed of problem-solving and innovation.

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