Acoustics at Work (AAW) offers a comprehensive service in managing noise and vibration in the workplace. They specialise in assessing noise levels, providing solutions to control noise and ensuring legal compliance. Their services include noise surveys, risk assessments, noise control, training, and expert witness services.

Noise in the workplace can cause serious health problems, including hearing loss, stress, and high blood pressure. AAW’s noise surveys identify areas of concern, measuring noise levels and comparing them to legal limits. They also offer risk assessments, identifying those at risk and suggesting measures to reduce noise exposure.

AAW’s noise control services aim to reduce noise at its source or along its path, using techniques such as noise insulation, silencers, and screens. They also provide training on noise awareness, helping employees understand the risks and how to protect themselves.

In legal disputes over noise, AAW can provide expert witness services. They have a wealth of experience in this area, having worked on a wide range of cases. Their experts can offer impartial advice, produce expert reports, and provide evidence in court.

In all their services, AAW uses the latest technology and follows best practice guidelines. They are committed to providing a professional, high-quality service, helping businesses manage noise effectively and protect their employees’ health.

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