Twenty-one radical ideas are proposed to challenge the status quo in the tech industry. These ideas range from eliminating meetings and email to advocating for remote work and a four-day work week. The concept of ‘open source everything’ is suggested, promoting transparency and collaboration. Additionally, the idea of ‘no titles’ is introduced, aiming to eliminate hierarchy and promote equality.

The tech industry is encouraged to ‘stop building for profit’ and instead focus on ‘building for usefulness’. This includes creating products that solve real-world problems and not just for the sake of profit. The idea of ‘no patents’ is also proposed, encouraging inventors to share their innovations freely.

The concept of ‘no bosses’ is introduced, suggesting that employees should be allowed to manage themselves. Furthermore, the idea of ‘no offices’ is proposed, promoting remote work and reducing the need for physical office spaces.

The notion of ‘no deadlines’ is suggested, arguing that quality should not be compromised for speed. The idea of ‘no full-time employment’ is also proposed, advocating for flexible work arrangements. Lastly, the concept of ‘no borders’ is introduced, promoting global collaboration and diversity in the tech industry.

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