“Feeling clueless is a natural part of the learning process,” is the premise of a discussion about the nature of expertise and the journey to becoming an expert. The feeling of not knowing what you’re doing is dubbed the ‘clueless phase’, a crucial part of learning. It’s a phase where you’re aware of your lack of knowledge and skills, making it the perfect time to learn and grow.

Experts, on the other hand, are individuals who have passed the clueless phase and gained a deep understanding of their field. They’ve developed intuition and can make decisions based on experience and knowledge, rather than just following rules. Yet, they too can fall into the ‘expert trap’, where they stop learning and growing, becoming trapped in their ways.

The journey from cluelessness to expertise is not a linear path. It’s a cycle of learning, growing, and then re-entering the clueless phase as you tackle new challenges or delve deeper into your field. This cycle is fundamental to continuous growth and avoiding the expert trap. Recognising and embracing the clueless phase is key to becoming a true expert, one who is always learning and growing.

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