IDEO, a global design firm, utilises a unique formula to boost employee engagement and foster creativity. Central to this approach is a ‘creative confidence’ mindset, encouraging staff to believe in their creative abilities and apply them to their work. This confidence is cultivated through three key strategies: purposeful work, freedom, and community.

Purposeful work involves assigning tasks that align with an employee’s passions and skills, thereby stimulating motivation and job satisfaction. Freedom, on the other hand, entails providing employees with autonomy over their work, facilitating innovation and creativity.

The final component, community, is about fostering a sense of belonging among staff. This is achieved by nurturing a supportive work environment where employees feel valued and connected.

IDEO’s formula also includes regular feedback and recognition, which are essential for employee engagement. The company’s leaders are tasked with acknowledging employees’ efforts and providing constructive feedback to help them grow.

In addition, IDEO emphasises the importance of a growth mindset, encouraging employees to view challenges as opportunities for learning and development. This mindset, coupled with the company’s unique engagement formula, has contributed to IDEO’s success and reputation as a creative powerhouse.

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