Federated wiki technology allows multiple voices to contribute to a shared, yet individualised knowledge space. It enables users to ‘fork’ or clone pages, modify them, and merge changes back into the original, creating a chorus of individual perspectives.

The technology’s key feature is the ability to create and manipulate ‘neighbourhoods’ of related pages. Users can select and group pages from various sources, forming a personalised network of information. This method encourages the exploration of diverse perspectives, fostering a more comprehensive understanding of a topic.

In a federated wiki, each user’s version of a page reveals their particular viewpoint. This individualised approach to knowledge generation promotes a more democratic and inclusive model of information sharing. It allows for a multiplicity of voices, each contributing to the overall chorus of knowledge.

The technology also supports ‘slow conversation’. Unlike real-time chat, federated wiki enables thoughtful, reflective exchanges that evolve over time. It encourages users to engage with others’ viewpoints, fostering mutual understanding and respect.

While it may seem complex, federated wiki technology is a powerful tool for collaborative knowledge creation. By enabling individual voices to contribute to a shared chorus, it promotes a more inclusive and democratic model of information sharing.

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