Social business is experiencing a significant shift. The 2015 State of Social Business report reveals that companies are now focusing on integrating social media across the entire organisation, moving beyond just marketing and customer service. This integration is seen as a key strategy for business growth, with 96% of surveyed businesses stating that they plan to integrate social media throughout their organisation within the next three years.

Yet, despite this focus on integration, only 34% of businesses currently have a holistic approach to social media. This suggests that there is a significant gap between intention and execution, with many organisations struggling to effectively implement their social media strategies.

The report also highlights the importance of measuring the impact of social media. It reveals that 60% of businesses measure their social media success based on engagement metrics, such as likes, shares, and comments. However, only 38% of businesses measure the direct impact of social media on their financial results.

In terms of future trends, the report predicts that employee advocacy will become a major focus for businesses. It suggests that businesses will increasingly leverage their employees’ social networks to amplify their brand message.

Overall, the 2015 State of Social Business report provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of social business and offers valuable insights into future trends.

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