InReach Ventures, a London-based venture capital firm, utilises a software-driven approach to identify promising investment opportunities across Europe. With a specialised software called DIG, they sift through vast amounts of data to find potential startups. This approach, termed ‘software eating venture’, allows for an expansive search, covering a wider geographical area than traditional methods.

Their investment strategy focuses on early-stage digital startups, primarily in the seed stage. By adopting a proactive approach, InReach Ventures seeks out potential investments rather than waiting for opportunities to come to them. They have invested in eight startups so far, including Oberlo, which was later acquired by Shopify.

The firm believes in the importance of diversity and has a 50/50 gender split within its team. They also emphasise the significance of understanding the local context of each startup, fostering a close relationship with entrepreneurs, and providing them with the necessary support.

InReach Ventures’ unique approach sets them apart in the venture capital industry, demonstrating the potential of software-driven strategies in identifying and investing in promising startups across Europe.

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