Atlassian employs ChatOps, a communication model that connects people, tools, process, and automation into a transparent workflow, to manage IT incidents. The model is based on conversations conducted in chat applications, which are the core of ChatOps. Atlassian uses HipChat, a team chat app, to facilitate these conversations.

During an IT incident, a dedicated HipChat room is created, where all relevant information and stakeholders are brought together. The room is open to anyone, fostering transparency and collaboration. To manage the incident, Atlassian uses two roles: Incident Commander (IC) and Communications Lead (Comms Lead). The IC focuses on resolving the incident, while the Comms Lead handles internal and external communications.

Atlassian’s incident management process includes four steps: detection, response, remediation, and analysis. Detection is automated, with alerts sent to HipChat rooms. Response involves the IC and Comms Lead, who coordinate the remediation process. Once the incident is resolved, an analysis is performed to prevent future occurrences.

Atlassian believes that ChatOps provides a transparent, collaborative environment that improves incident management. It allows real-time communication and information sharing, reducing the time taken to resolve incidents.

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