GitHub’s management strategy is notably lean, fostering an environment of innovation and creativity. The company operates on a horizontal structure, with no middle managers, allowing employees to work autonomously. This structure is based on the principles of open allocation, where employees have the freedom to choose their projects and teams.

The company believes this approach encourages personal growth and innovation, as employees are not restricted by job titles or hierarchical structures. GitHub’s strategy also emphasises the importance of communication and transparency, with all employees having access to the company’s data and decision-making processes.

Furthermore, GitHub’s unique approach to meetings, where attendance is optional and minutes are shared with everyone, ensures that all employees are informed and involved. This method also helps to avoid the issues associated with traditional meetings, such as wasted time and lack of participation.

GitHub’s management strategy is not without its challenges. The lack of structure can lead to confusion and inefficiency, and the company has faced criticism for its lack of diversity. However, GitHub remains committed to its innovative approach, believing that it fosters a creative and productive working environment.

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