Jordan Sams, a software tester at Zappos, emphasises the importance of software testing and the role of testers in the development process. Sams highlights that testers should not be seen as gatekeepers, but as vital contributors to the overall quality of the product. They provide valuable insights into potential issues and improvements, which can significantly enhance the final output.

Sams also discusses the shift in testing methods, with a move towards automation. This change, he argues, allows testers to focus on more complex tasks, as the automated systems handle the repetitive aspects of testing.

In terms of skills, Sams believes that curiosity and a willingness to learn are essential for a tester. These traits enable testers to identify potential problems and find innovative solutions. He also stresses the importance of communication skills, as testers often act as a bridge between different teams.

The Zappos tester also shares his views on the future of testing. He predicts an increasing reliance on automation, along with a greater emphasis on security testing due to the growing threat of cyber attacks. He also foresees a shift towards more holistic testing methods, where testers are involved in all stages of the development process.

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