Government Digital Service (GDS) has introduced improvement plans to help government departments enhance the quality of their content on GOV.UK. The plans are a response to feedback from users who have struggled to find what they need on the site. GDS is working with departments to identify areas for improvement and create plans to address them. The plans include a range of measures, from rewriting content to improving navigation.

The process begins with a content audit, where GDS assesses the department’s content against the GOV.UK style guide, user needs, and analytics data. This helps to identify any issues and areas for improvement. Following the audit, GDS provides the department with a report detailing the findings and recommendations. The department then creates an improvement plan based on this feedback, which is shared with GDS for approval.

Once the plan is approved, the department begins implementing the changes. GDS provides support throughout the process, offering advice and guidance. The aim is to make content on GOV.UK more user-friendly, ensuring that people can easily find the information they need. The improvement plans are part of GDS’s ongoing commitment to improving the user experience on GOV.UK.

Departments are encouraged to view the improvement plans as an opportunity for learning and development. The process is collaborative, with GDS working closely with departments to ensure the best possible outcome for users.

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