The Happy Startup Canvas is a tool designed to help budding entrepreneurs build businesses that balance profits with purpose. It aims to shift the focus from traditional business plans, which often prioritise financial projections over happiness and purpose. The canvas is divided into four key areas: Vision, Values, People, and Process.

Under Vision, entrepreneurs are encouraged to define their startup’s purpose beyond making money, focusing on the impact they want to have on the world. Values are the guiding principles of the company, which should be defined early on and used as a compass for decision making.

People refers to both the team building the startup and the customers it serves. Founders should consider who they need on their team to bring their vision to life, and equally important, who their customers are and what they need.

The Process section is about how the company will deliver its product or service, including the resources required, and how it will make money.

Overall, the Happy Startup Canvas aims to help entrepreneurs build meaningful, sustainable businesses that not only generate profits but also contribute positively to society and the happiness of those involved.

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