Israeli soldiers involved in the 2014 Gaza conflict have reported a loss of moral sensitivity during the 50-day war. This revelation comes from a series of anonymous interviews conducted by Breaking the Silence, an organisation of veteran Israeli soldiers. Soldiers describe a “policy of indiscriminate fire” that led to civilian casualties, which they attribute to a significant shift in the Israeli military’s approach to combat. The change, they suggest, was due to a desire to minimise Israeli casualties at all costs.

Testimonies reveal a dehumanising view of Palestinians, with one soldier referring to them as “uninvolved.” The interviews also highlight an alarming level of destruction, with some soldiers admitting to firing at random houses in Gaza out of boredom or frustration.

The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) have disputed these claims, arguing that the testimonies are unverified and do not reflect the IDF’s strict moral code. They also question Breaking the Silence’s intentions, accusing the group of having a political agenda.

These revelations have sparked a heated debate about the IDF’s conduct during the conflict. Critics argue that such behaviour is a violation of international law, while others defend the IDF’s actions as necessary for Israel’s security.

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