Elisa Steele, CEO of Jive Software, is steering the company towards a midmarket expansion strategy. Jive, a leading provider of communication and collaboration solutions for businesses, is now targeting smaller enterprises with a streamlined version of its platform. The company’s previous focus on large enterprises has been successful, but the potential of the midmarket sector, with its multitude of smaller, agile businesses, is promising.

Steele believes that the key to success in the midmarket sector is a simplified product offering. The new version of Jive’s platform, Jive-n, is designed to be easy to deploy and use, making it appealing to smaller enterprises. The company’s aim is to provide a collaboration platform that combines the best features of consumer social networking sites with the robustness and security of enterprise software.

Jive’s midmarket strategy also involves a shift in the company’s sales approach. Previously, Jive relied on a direct sales force to sell its products to large enterprises. Now, it is leveraging channel partners to reach out to the midmarket sector. This approach allows Jive to tap into the existing customer bases of its partners, accelerating its expansion into the midmarket.

Despite this shift in focus, Steele reassures that Jive will continue to cater to its large enterprise customers. The company will maintain its premium product for these customers, while also offering the streamlined Jive-n platform for smaller businesses. This dual strategy allows Jive to cater to a wider range of customers, increasing its market reach and potential for growth.

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