Jobs-to-be-done (JTBD) theory is a powerful tool for innovation, focusing on the tasks customers want to accomplish rather than the products they use. Three key tests can help ensure ideas align with the JTBD approach: the functional, emotional, and social job test.

The functional job test examines whether the idea aids the customer in completing a task more efficiently or effectively. It’s not about the product, but the job the customer needs to get done.

The emotional job test looks at how the idea makes the customer feel. A successful idea will generate positive emotions, making the customer feel better about themselves or their situation.

The social job test considers the social implications of the idea. Does it improve the customer’s social standing or relationships?

These tests are not separate entities but intertwined aspects of a holistic approach to innovation. They help to ensure that ideas are not just novel, but also valuable and meaningful to customers. By focusing on the jobs customers need to get done, rather than the products they use, businesses can create innovative solutions that truly meet customer needs.

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