Jumpcut is a macOS clipboard manager that enhances the functionality of the clipboard. It provides a stack-like storage system for clipboard history, allowing users to access previously copied items. The application is memory-efficient, lightweight, and open-source, and is designed to be minimalistic and unobtrusive.

Jumpcut operates in the background, automatically recording everything that is copied to the clipboard. Users can access the clipboard history through a menu that appears when the Jumpcut icon is clicked. The menu displays the most recent items copied to the clipboard, and users can select an item to paste it into their current application.

The software supports ‘sticky’ clips, a feature that enables users to keep frequently used clips at the top of the list. Jumpcut also includes a search function, allowing users to find specific items in their clipboard history.

The application is easy to install and use, with a simple and intuitive interface. It is highly customisable, allowing users to change the number of items stored, the display of the menu, and the keyboard shortcuts.

Jumpcut is a useful tool for anyone who frequently copies and pastes text, providing a convenient and efficient way to manage clipboard history.

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