Kifi’s best-kept secret is a tool that enables users to find shared links within a conversation thread. This feature, known as Deep Search, allows for the discovery of shared links within libraries and conversations, even if they are buried under a multitude of messages. It’s a simple yet powerful tool that eliminates the need for scrolling through endless threads in search of specific links.

Deep Search’s functionality is not limited to text but extends to the content within links. This means it can search for specific terms or phrases within the articles, blog posts, or websites linked in a conversation. Furthermore, it offers the ability to search within a specific library or across all libraries, depending on the user’s needs.

The tool is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It is accessible from any conversation or library, and the search results are displayed in a clean, organised manner. It’s a valuable asset for anyone who frequently shares and discusses links, offering a convenient solution for finding specific information quickly and efficiently.

Deep Search is a testament to Kifi’s commitment to making knowledge sharing and discovery as seamless as possible. It’s a hidden gem within the platform, waiting to be discovered and utilised by users.

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