Learning is a continuous process, with connections being a crucial aspect. The internet has revolutionised how we learn, allowing us to connect with others and share knowledge globally. This connectivity enables us to learn from a diverse range of sources, rather than being limited to traditional educational institutions.

The concept of Personal Knowledge Mastery (PKM) is vital in this context, as it encourages individuals to seek out, make sense of, and share information. PKM is a discipline that helps learners to filter out unnecessary information, focus on relevant knowledge, and share it effectively with others.

The PKM framework consists of three processes: seeking, sensing, and sharing. Seeking involves finding external sources of knowledge, while sensing is the process of personalising this information and putting it into context. Sharing, the final step, is about distributing this personalised knowledge to others, thereby contributing to collective knowledge.

In the digital age, it’s essential to have a robust PKM practice. It enables us to learn more efficiently and effectively, making the most of the vast amount of information available online. Through PKM, we can become lifelong learners, continually expanding our knowledge and understanding of the world.

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