Brian Solis, a digital analyst and anthropologist, suggests that disruptive innovation is not just about technology but also about changing behaviour. He argues that technology is only a facilitator, and the real disruptor is how it changes people’s behaviour and expectations. For instance, Uber’s success can be attributed not just to its app, but to its ability to change the way people think about transportation.

Solis notes that many businesses fail to understand this concept, focusing solely on technological innovation and neglecting the human aspect. They don’t consider how their products or services can change people’s lives or habits. This oversight can be fatal, as it blinds companies to potential disruptions in their industry.

According to Solis, businesses need to understand the relationship between technology and behaviour to succeed in the digital age. They should study how their customers use technology and how it affects their expectations and behaviour. With this understanding, they can create products and services that truly meet their customers’ needs, leading to success in the market.

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