Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn’s co-founder, pitched the professional networking platform to venture capitalist firm Greylock in 2004. LinkedIn’s value proposition was its potential to map the entire global workforce and create economic opportunity for every member. Hoffman highlighted the network’s unique selling point: its focus on trusted, professional connections rather than social ones. The pitch also underscored the platform’s potential to become an essential tool for recruiters, salespeople, and professionals seeking career opportunities.

Hoffman’s vision for LinkedIn was to create a platform that could scale globally and be monetised through multiple channels. These included job listings, advertising, and a premium subscription model. Hoffman also foresaw the potential for LinkedIn to evolve into a platform for professional identity, where users could showcase their skills and achievements.

Greylock saw the potential in LinkedIn and invested, leading to its exponential growth. By 2016, LinkedIn had over 400 million members and was acquired by Microsoft for $26 billion. This success story underscores the power of a compelling pitch and a well-articulated vision.

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