Interesting things we have found this week about building 21st Century business

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How GDS used a Firebreak – allowing developers to work on anything they liked – to improve performance between major initiatives.

How Etsy tests prototypes with more than 50,000 active users.

The AGL steering committee has released a handbook to help governments learn and adopt agile practices.



Yelp announced the fifth round of its Dataset Challenge using a corpus of 1.6M reviews, 500K tips, 366K users and 61K businesses.

HBR on why your company should have a data quality strategy.

Strategy+Business argue that companies need to develop data competencies across the organisation.



Eric Ries on the misconception of minimum viable product.

What to do when your startup is maturing?

1776 is an incubator that is focused on startups for the public good.



Social on the Outside needs Social Business on the Inside (2010).