Interesting things we have found this week about building 21st Century business

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Lessons from former Myspace VP on the decline of popular platforms and the negative impact of corporate interference.

Read about the traps that anchor managers in certain mental models and can prevent companies from entering new markets.

Time to get rid of change management in favour of the change-agile organisation, argues Paul Gibbons.



In a recent survey by MITSloan, 57% of respondents say that social business maturity is important for their choice of employer.

One simple management technique that will make leaders well-respected by employees.

According to BCG the key challenges for HR are: talent management, managing demographics, becoming a learning organisation, managing work-life balance, managing change and cultural transformation.



Learn how Sprocket’s innovation team cooperate with existing procedures and yet obtain the speed of a startup.

Review of Adobe’s internal innovation process, Kickbox, which they recently made publicly available.

Why the greatest contribution of Google[x] is the mindset and way of thinking about experimentation that it engenders in the company.



Social Strategy Talk: Participation and Open data (2009).