This week’s curator, Lee Bryant, looks at the future of the firm in professional services, shares some updates on Shift*Base activity and picks 5 recommended links from things we have read this week.

The Chat Overload is Just Beginning…

The rapid rise of Slack as a chat and messaging app for small teams has been truly remarkable. But it has also resulted in more people hitting perceived chat overload quicker than they would with less engaging and less well-adopted tools. So we have seen people like Sam and Jason Fried declare they are ‘over’ Slack and 24/7 real-time chat in general.

This week, I wrote a long-ish blog post reflecting on the recent history of chat and activity streams in the workplace and laying out a case for why I think chat overload is just beginning and why that is a good thing that should add value to most peoples’ work, if used sensibly. I think we are going to see conversational interfaces used more widely, and a highly-integrated chat/activity stream tool like Slack could show us the way towards a hybrid human/machine notification and sense-making space in the enterprise.

Shift*Base Updates

The Shift*Base guides to techniques and methods for new ways of working continues to develop, and we are open to suggestions for new ideas or theories we should cover.

If you work in the accounting profession, please consider taking part in our research project with the ICAEW about the future of the firm.

Shift*Groups Updates

Our (free) invitation-only community for change agents and internal practitioners of social business, collaboration and digital transformationremains open for new members, whilst we conduct a review of the site and look at how to improve its user experience and utility and consult on how we can better support the community.

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