This week’s curator, Lee Bryant, looks at how we can identify and solve some of the scaling problems that small-team-based organisational structures faec as they grow; he also shares some related guides from Shift*Base and picks 5 links for further reading on the topic.

Micro-services as an analogy for small teams

Our newest team member, Tom Ridings, today publishes his first blog post about how we can draw some lessons from software micro-services in the way that we design and run organisations. He looks at how much recent innovation in banking has just been about creating better front-ends to the same service, but highlights Mondo as an example of a more disruptive strategy that seeks to create a banking platform composed of micro-services (including from third parties) that customers can choose to switch on and off:

“At the flick of switch a Mondo customer could plug in an expense reporting tool that automatically reports their transaction data to their business expense claiming tool, or services like Ravelin (where integration already exists) can analyse each transaction for fraudulent activity in real-time. Traditionally speaking Mondo alone wouldn’t worry the established banks but as an ecosystem with it’s partners it poses a much bigger threat.”

The notion of small teams as micro-services delivered through an organisationsal shared platform is a useful analogy for new approaches to org design, in my view, and it echoes what we wrote last week about joining small teams together through a ‘team of teams’ approach.

Shift*Base Updates

There is a useful guide within the Organisational Design topic area on elements needed to support alternative structures, which might be a useful read for people thinking about how to support small service-oriented teams. We also added a few more management techniques to the library here.

(Don’t forget to let us know what you think we should cover in the future.)

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Shift*Groups Updates

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