This week’s curator, Cerys Hearsey, examines the future of team development, the role of HR in creating the conditions for high performance teams, and the tools and techniques HR can use to help teams fulfil their potential. You will also find below her pick of links to help you explore this topic in more detail – enjoy!

The Role of HR in the Future of Team Development

This week I have been thinking a lot about the area of team development, and the challenges that team leaders and members face when trying to improve the way they work. Team development is where we see the impact and results of structures, culture and practice come to the fore. Balancing these attributes and providing the framework, inside which magic can happen, is an exciting new area for HR to explore. I hope you enjoy the following post, which explores some key recommendations for focussing efforts in creating highly effective teams.

>> see Enabling the Future of Work Requires a Team Focus
Working in teams and teamwork are the backbone of any modern organisation. They are where the work gets done. As organisations move away from hierarchy and towards more team-centric structures (such as podular from the work of Dave Gray or team of teams from the work of General Stanley McChrystal et al), we need more of a focus on the role HR must play in enabling and developing highly effective teams through formal, informal and social team development.

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