Loosening group boundaries is a concept that promotes the idea of learning in a networked society. This approach encourages individuals to connect with others outside their immediate group or community, fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration on a wider scale. It is a shift from the traditional model of learning within a confined group to a more open, networked learning environment.

The Internet has played a significant role in enabling this shift. It allows for the free flow of information, enabling individuals to connect, collaborate, and learn from others, irrespective of geographical boundaries. This has led to the emergence of ‘personal knowledge networks’ where individuals can curate their own learning experiences by connecting with experts, peers, and resources globally.

The concept of ‘personal knowledge mastery’ (PKM) is closely linked with this. PKM is a framework that helps individuals take control of their professional development through a continuous process of seeking, sensing, and sharing. It encourages individuals to seek out knowledge, make sense of it, and share it within their networks.

Loosening group boundaries and adopting PKM can lead to more innovative and diverse learning experiences. It empowers individuals to take control of their learning journey, fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.

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