UK managers are squandering two days per week on administrative tasks that could be automated, according to a study by Unit4. This equates to a loss of £4.14bn a year. The study found that 80% of managers are spending at least one day a week on administrative tasks, with 36% spending two days or more. The most time-consuming tasks are reported to be tracking project status (54%), inputting data (53%), and creating reports (52%).

The study also revealed that 63% of managers feel they could be more effective if they had more time to focus on strategic tasks. Automation of administrative tasks could free up this time, with 85% of respondents stating they would trust an automated system. Unit4 suggests that businesses could gain more value from their managers by investing in technologies that automate mundane tasks.

The study also highlighted a disparity between the time spent on administrative tasks by managers in the private sector compared to those in the public sector, with the latter spending more time on such tasks. This suggests that the public sector could benefit significantly from automation.

Finally, the study revealed that younger managers are more likely to trust automation, with 90% of those aged under 35 expressing this view, compared to 81% of those aged 35 and over.

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