The Netsoc Manifesto, presented by a network of technologists, advocates for the internet to be a public service. It believes that all individuals should have unrestricted access to the internet, as it is a vital tool for communication, education, and participation in society. The manifesto suggests that the internet, as a public service, should be free from commercial and political control. It argues that the digital divide, the gap between those with and without internet access, must be eradicated.

The manifesto also emphasises the importance of privacy and data protection. It asserts that individuals should have control over their own data and how it’s used. It also calls for transparency and accountability from entities that collect and use personal data. Furthermore, it stresses that the internet should be a platform for free expression and diversity, where all voices can be heard without fear of censorship.

The manifesto also highlights the importance of digital literacy. It suggests that everyone should have the necessary skills to use the internet effectively and safely. Lastly, it advocates for open-source technology, arguing that it fosters innovation and collaboration. It calls for the creation of legal frameworks that support open-source technology and protect digital rights.

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