A unique blend of affordability and desirability has been identified in the UK’s best places to live. East Renfrewshire in Scotland, featuring top schools and low crime rates, ranks first. Other high-performing areas include Copeland in Cumbria, Staffordshire Moorlands and Warwick in the West Midlands.

A new scoring system, developed by the Halifax, takes into account factors such as employment, health, life expectancy, crime rates, school performance and weather. A balance between housing affordability and a high standard of living is the key to this ranking.

The South East of England, despite higher average earnings, did not fare as well due to the high cost of housing. Hart in Hampshire, which has previously topped the list, dropped to 26th place.

Conversely, the Shetland Islands, boosted by low population density and traffic levels, rose to the top 5. Scotland and the North of England dominated the list, highlighting the shift away from the traditionally affluent South.

The least desirable places to live were identified as West Dunbartonshire and North Lanarkshire, both in Scotland, due to low employment and poor school performance. The findings underline the importance of a holistic approach to choosing a place to live, considering not just affordability but quality of life.

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