Teekay, a marine energy transportation company, has fully embraced Yammer, an enterprise social network, as their primary internal communication tool. With a dispersed workforce across the globe, Teekay found traditional communication methods insufficient. Yammer has provided a platform for Teekay’s employees to connect, share ideas, and collaborate, regardless of geographical location.

The firm has seen several benefits since the implementation of Yammer. It has fostered a culture of openness and transparency, with senior management actively participating in discussions. Yammer has also enabled the sharing of knowledge and best practices across the organisation, contributing to process improvement and innovation. The tool has also been used for training and development, with employees sharing learning resources and providing peer feedback.

Teekay’s success with Yammer can be attributed to several factors. The company’s leadership played a major role in promoting and encouraging its use. They also recognised the importance of community management and appointed a dedicated community manager to facilitate and guide conversations. Furthermore, Teekay ensured the tool was accessible on mobile devices, allowing employees to connect anytime, anywhere.

Teekay’s experience demonstrates the potential of enterprise social networks in fostering a connected, collaborative, and innovative workplace.

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