Mark Steel, the comedian known for his political satire, has taken a detour from his usual stand-up routine to delve into his personal life. In his Edinburgh Fringe show, “Who Do I Think I Am?”, Steel chronicles his journey of self-discovery after learning he was adopted at a young age. This revelation led him on a quest to uncover his roots, a journey that took him from a Surrey dairy farm to a Jewish family in Egypt.

Steel’s new show is a departure from his usual politically charged performances, instead offering a deeply personal narrative that is both poignant and humorous. While the show’s theme is heavy, Steel’s delivery is light and engaging, ensuring the audience is entertained throughout. His journey is filled with unexpected twists and turns, including the discovery of his birth mother’s identity and her connection to a prominent Jewish family in Egypt.

Despite the personal nature of his show, Steel doesn’t shy away from political commentary. He uses his story to highlight the absurdities of nationality and identity, making pointed observations about the arbitrariness of borders and the concept of belonging. His unique blend of personal narrative and political satire makes “Who Do I Think I Am?” a compelling, thought-provoking show.

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