Marxism Today, a defunct political magazine, could provide inspiration for the Labour party’s revival. The publication, active from 1957 to 1991, was known for its innovative ideas, such as “New Times,” which argued that traditional class politics were being replaced by a more diverse, consumer-oriented society. The magazine’s contributors, including Eric Hobsbawm and Stuart Hall, suggested that the left needed to engage with popular culture and new social movements to remain relevant.

The magazine’s approach could be useful for the Labour party today, as it faces a similar challenge in connecting with voters. Marxism Today’s emphasis on understanding societal changes and adapting to them, rather than clinging to outdated ideologies, could help Labour regain its footing. The magazine’s ideas also resonate with the current political climate, as issues like climate change and inequality require innovative solutions.

Despite its name, Marxism Today was not dogmatic, but rather open to new ideas and perspectives. It recognised the need for the left to evolve in response to changing societal conditions. This forward-thinking approach could be a valuable guide for the Labour party as it seeks to redefine itself and reconnect with voters.

The legacy of Marxism Today serves as a reminder that political parties must be willing to adapt and innovate in order to stay relevant. Its ideas could provide a blueprint for Labour’s revival, offering a way forward in a time of political uncertainty.

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