Social Chain is a Manchester-based company that has gained immense popularity due to its unique approach to social media marketing. The firm, founded in 2014 by Steve Bartlett and Dominic McGregor, uses a network of social media influencers to reach millions of young people. Their strategy involves creating viral content that is spread through these influencers, resulting in significant online attention for their clients.

The company has faced criticism, with some claiming that their tactics are manipulative and unethical. Critics argue that Social Chain’s use of influencers to promote products or services can be misleading, as followers may not realise that these posts are paid advertisements. Questions have also been raised about the firm’s use of ‘fake’ accounts to boost their reach.

Despite these concerns, Social Chain has continued to grow, boasting clients such as Apple, Amazon, and Warner Music. The firm’s success demonstrates the power of social media in modern marketing, and raises questions about the ethical implications of such tactics.

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