Microsoft has unveiled Office Graph, a tool designed to revolutionise the way we work. This innovative technology maps relationships between people and information, providing new ways to access, navigate and discover data. Office Graph is underpinned by machine learning, enabling it to understand individual behaviours and preferences, and subsequently personalise experiences.

The introduction of Office Graph coincides with the launch of Oslo, an application that utilises the capabilities of Office Graph. Oslo presents users with personalised, prioritised views of their most pertinent information, regardless of where it’s stored. Oslo, therefore, streamlines workflows by eliminating the need to switch between applications.

Office Graph and Oslo are part of Microsoft’s broader strategy to reinvent productivity. The company aims to create a new generation of intelligent tools that anticipate user needs, streamline tasks, and facilitate collaboration. Microsoft believes that this approach will enable organisations to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing digital landscape.

The company plans to integrate Office Graph with all Office 365 applications, marking a significant shift from isolated productivity tools to interconnected, intelligent systems. This integration will allow users to access and interact with data in unprecedented ways, ushering in a new era of productivity.

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