Mike Bracken, former head of the Government Digital Service (GDS), has established a consultancy named Public Digital with other ex-GDS colleagues. The firm aims to advise governments and large organisations globally on digital transformation. Bracken believes that the demand for digital services is universal, and that governments worldwide are keen to learn from the UK’s digital experiences.

Public Digital will focus on four key areas: digital transformation, public platforms, leadership training, and global digital best practice. Bracken and his team will use their extensive experience to help governments and organisations to improve their digital services, making them more efficient and user-friendly.

The team includes Tom Loosemore, former deputy director of GDS; Ben Terrett, former director of design at GDS; and Russell Davies, former director of strategy at GDS. These individuals were instrumental in transforming the UK government’s approach to digital services, making them more accessible and efficient for users. They aim to replicate this success globally with Public Digital.

Bracken and his team are also collaborating with the Co-op on its digital strategy, aiming to make it a leading digital player in the UK. The team’s extensive experience and proven track record in digital transformation make them well placed to achieve this goal.

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