1876 was a pivotal year in history, marking the advent of the telephone and the internal combustion engine. Today’s technological revolution is likened to this era, with the rise of Bitcoin, 3D printing, and drones. These technologies are not just new products or services, but entirely new ecosystems. Bitcoin, for instance, is more than a currency; it’s a whole new way of making transactions, a system that could potentially replace not just traditional currency but also credit cards, stock markets, and even legal contracts.

3D printing, on the other hand, is not just about printing objects. It’s about a new way of manufacturing, which could revolutionise industries from toys to housing, and even food. Similarly, drones aren’t just about unmanned aerial vehicles. They’re about a new kind of automation that could transform everything from agriculture to warfare.

These new ecosystems are not just about technology; they are about new ways of doing things, new ways of organising the world. They’re more about the “steam engine” than the “internet” in their potential to revolutionise the world. The key is not to think of them as single technologies, but as foundational shifts that could transform the economy and society at large.

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