A Muslim Reform Movement (MRM) has been established in the United States to counteract radical Islam and promote peace. The MRM, spearheaded by Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, has released a declaration outlining its principles. The declaration promotes secular governance, human rights, and gender equality, and opposes violent jihad, theocracy, and any form of Islamic supremacy.

The movement is significant as it represents a proactive approach from within the Muslim community to combat extremism. Yet, it has received criticism from some who argue it is an attempt to “westernise” Islam. Critics also question the effectiveness of the movement, given the lack of support from influential Muslim leaders.

Despite this, the MRM is gaining momentum and receiving international attention. It is seen as a potential stepping-stone towards reform in Islam and as a counter-narrative to radical ideologies. The movement’s leaders are calling for support from the wider public, urging individuals to stand with them against extremism and for peace.

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