Harald Schirmer, a digital transformation expert, shared his insights on the Enterprise 2.0 Summit (E20S) in Paris. He highlighted the importance of digital transformation in modern businesses, focusing on the shift from traditional hierarchical structures to networked, collaborative models. Schirmer presented several examples of successful digital transformations, emphasising the need for clear communication, employee involvement, and a supportive organisational culture.

He also shared his own experiences at Continental, a leading automotive supplier, where he led a significant digital transformation project. Schirmer stressed the importance of trust in this process, underlining the need for transparent communication and employee involvement. His presentation also included a discussion on the use of social media tools in facilitating digital transformation, citing their role in fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Schirmer concluded with a call to action, urging businesses to embrace digital transformation, not as a trend, but as a necessity in today’s rapidly evolving business environment. He emphasised that successful digital transformation requires more than just technological change; it necessitates a shift in mindset, culture, and organisational structure.

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